The Mid-Norway Culture and Knitting Festival


The vision of the Mid-Norway Culture and Knitting Festival is to inspire the participants to relax and to slow down. In a hectic world, it is important to take a break and to reduce the stressors of busy days. We believe that knitting contributes to this stress reduction. To share the joy of knitting, to come together, meet with other knitters and to relax for three days at a knitting festival is good medicine for the body and the soul. 

Our festival is located within historic surroundings, in the beautiful village of Orkanger, 30 kilometers south of Norway’s third largest city, Trondheim. International visitors can arrive by plane into Trondheim Værnes Airport and then take a bus directly to the festival location.


The centre of the festival is located at the historic Bårdshaug Guest House and Farm. Here we will knit, eat, cookout and fellowship together. In addition, there will be a wine course and a festival dinner, featuring local ingredients prepared by local chefs. In addition, we will have a clothing exhibition by one of Norway’s renowned designers Duodu. 

Skjermbilde 2018-02-25 kl. 01.29.11.png

Our workshops are being arranged and held within the historic Stave church, which was built in Orkanger in 1896 and was Norway’s contribution to the World Exhibition in Chicago during the same year. In 2014, the building was returned to Norway and is now located within the festival area. Knitting within these historic surroundings allows you to step back in time, to when life was slower and moved at more relaxed pace. 


We will also take you on a journey, on one of Norway’s oldest railway trains. Our “Knitting Train” is very popular. We will take you on a short twenty-minute journey, to the historic Løkken Mines. There we will participate in a guided tour to see first-hand how Norwegians worked during the 1800’s and the types of clothing that were knit during that time period.


We have arranged a large exhibition area where a minimum of thirty-five Norwegian and Scandinavian yarn enthusiasts will sell their products. Also within the exhibition area, we will have a fashion show catwalk where we will present Norwegian and International designers, a large and exciting book exchange event and entertainment by local musicians. There will also be a café where you can taste and purchase Norwegian food. 

This just a just a small overview of what you can expect to experience if you visit us in 2020! Our website will be completely updated with all the relevant information by January 1st, 2020.


Welcome to the most unique Culture and Knitting Festival here in the middle of Norway!